I recall about two years ago, I wanted to get some programs in the Microsoft store. Had to learn about Windows 8. Even bought and installed a copy of the Win 8 operating system. I studied and practiced how to write a Windows 8 app and get it published. Hurray.

Turns out it is a lot easier these days to publish to the Windows Store. You can even deploy a normal Windows application. This one guy I read about pushed his VB6 application into the store. Can you believe it? Microsoft is making it easy.

Back to Visual Studio

Today I went into the office to meet up with a coworker. We are not working on anything together. But we get together once a week for camaraderie. Today my coworker talked about a tool written by a developer on his project. The tool found all files with the SQL extension, and ran the scripts in the database.

Later I got to thinking about how hard that task would be. I figured I would give it a go to see how long it would take to implement such a thing. That is when I found there was no Visual Studio installed on my work laptop. Ah the horror.

My excuse is that this is a relatively new laptop. The crime is that I only installed Python when I received the laptop. So I downloaded the Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition installer. It was free. It required 6GB with no options selected. I needed to at least have Visual C++ present. That bumped up the requirements to 11GB.

After choosing the minimal options to install, I got some info on what would go down. I would get the Windows 8 SDK. Would also get the common tools. Luckily I was getting the Microsoft Foundation Classes which I am familiar with. Also get Windows XP Support.

Of course setup failed. There were problems with the .NET framework and other things. Let's hope I can get this thing installed. Otherwise I might need to fall back to Python.