Visual Studio 2012

I finally got around to getting a new laptop at work. The bad news is that I need to reinstall all my software. In a pinch, I added Notepad++ to bang out some JavaScript code. However I really wanted to get back to using Visual Studio for development. So I found my Visual Studio 2012 install media and got to work.

Previously I had Visual Studio 2010 installed on my work laptop. However I think I got Visual Studio 2012 but never installed it. Now was a good time to make the upgrade. It took a while for the installation to complete. But it finally was done. When I launched Visual Studio, I was taken aback by the menus being all caps. I finally saw what the hubbub was from all the other developers who were early adopters.

The all caps menus look a bit amateurish. This isn't the 1980's with some VT-100 style display. So why make the menus look that way? I would hope it was not for visibility purposes. If I need things to look bigger, I can get a massive monitor and turn down the resolution.

Hopefully Microsoft will realize the mistake and return back to normal menus next time around. When will that be? Perhaps Visual Studio 2013. So far I have not noticed anything else awry with Visual Studio. Then again, I am only using it as a text editor for JavaScript right now. I might be doing some heavy C++ application lifting in the early months of 2013. So we shall see.