Dashboard Fail

Last summer I wrote a bunch of Windows 8 apps. It was part of some promotion from Microsoft. Deployed around eight apps or so. Sold a few. Made a bit of cash. Nothing serious. The best thing about putting my apps on sale was that it motivated me to get my own domain to host my web pages.

I used to check out my earnings every so often using the Microsoft Dashboard for developers. It showed how many copies of my apps sold. Recently I logged into my dashboard. The thing said the dashboard was upgrading. Okay. Turns out I can no longer view my dashboard.

Been working with Microsoft to try to get the problem resolved. Recorded my experience a few times with a tool. Tried different browsers and machines (it does not work using IE). Got a request to upgrade my browser. Umm no thanks. Not going to try that just to see what happens.

Then I get an email from Microsoft support saying that since I was not willing to upgrade my browser, they are done trying to help resolve my issue. LOL wut? I work on resolve software and system problems myself. So I can spot when somebody knows an issue, and when somebody is stumbling around guessing what might affect a problem.

Guess what Microsoft seems to be doing? Making some guesses. Come on. Dig in and figure out what is wrong with your web site. I mean it is serving people developing for Microsoft. Don't you want to keep those people happy and writing more apps for your operating system? Sheesh.