SharePoint Server 2010

Developers are getting pumped about the upcoming release of SharePoint Server 2010. Evidence of this was found at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009. The categories addressed in the new release are user interface and integration.

SharePoint Designer is getting an overhaul. The new version will contain support for the Microsoft Office Ribbon user interface. SharePoint is also going to be supported better in Visual Studio.

You will not be able to have SharePoint for cloud computing. You do not, however, need a server to run the new SharePoint. It will work on Windows Vista as well as Windows 7.

SharePoint Developer Dashboard is a new tool that logs SharePoint activity. It also logs calls made to SQL Server. All of this data is tagged with the time so you can check your performance.

It seems as though Microsoft is getting very serious about SharePoint development. I might have to schedule a visit to next year’s Microsoft SharePoint Conference.