Windows 8

I am a little late to the party. But I got a copy of Windows 8 installed on my laptop. Why? I wanted to develop apps for Windows 8. And guess what? You need to have Windows 8 to develop on Windows 8. Fair enough. I had an extra laptop laying around. The install was not too hard. Getting used to the new version of Windows was harder.

The main user interface that comes up by default with Windows 8 is a screen that itself launches apps. You can spin up a normal looking Windows desktop. But there is no start menu (at least until Windows 8). I guess I need to create a lot of icons on the desktop.

Many common Windows activities are changed in Windows. For example, I had a hard time figuring out how to shut down the computer. It has been a while developing a bunch of apps. I still do not feel comfortable with the Windows 8 interface. I prefer Windows 7. I plan to give it some time.