Windows RT

Been through some Windows 8 App Store development this summer. Did not do too much blogging about it because I was super busy. Now I got six apps in the Windows 8 Store. Still need to do some marketing for them. But the initial development for them is done. Time to reflect back on what I learned in a bunch of blog posts.

I first read a book that taught you how to write Windows 8 apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Sounded good as I have been learning these technologies for the last few years. Just recently finished up an advanced Javascript course. Windows RT is a new API. It stands for the Windows Runtime API. This supports this like touch screens running on tablets and phones.

You need a couple things to start writing Windows 8 apps. Need a tool like Visual Studio 2012 express for Windows. Or you could use something called Blend. I recommend VS 2012. The express version is free. You also have to be actually running the Window 8 operating system to develop for Windows 8.