Presenting ReSharper 4.5

This month's Visual Studio Magazine presented products awards. There was one product that got user and editor awards. It was ReSharper 4.5 by JetBrains. I had never heard about this tool before. That was strange so I did some research.

The tool is a plug-in to Visual Studio. It does error highlighting (analyzes your code without compiling to determine errors). It also has all kinds of code refactoring options. ReSharper assists with unit tests. And it does formatting as well as code generation. This thing is multi purpose.

That's when I found out why I was in the dark about ReSharper. It works with languages such as C#, XML, and XAML. I guess it is a .NET type of thing. This thing does not support C++. And since I specialize in C++, I would not be using or really know much about the tool.

ReSharper has a number of price points based on how you use it. A personal copy costs $199, while the business version goes for $349. An academic license will run you $49. I was disappointed that there was no free academic version. Us starving college students don't have a lot of cash. The goal of this tool is to produce higher quality code. Maybe if I get more into C# I will give it a try.