Telco Monopolies

The United States Department of Justice has a hard on for Microsoft. A weaker company would have caved and gone out of business. However Microsoft has stayed the course. They still are the easy target for cries about anti competitive behavior. But you would be surprised at other companies that are being evil these days. Check out this blurb from a post by Jacon Calcanis, reprinted with his permission:

Apple’s iPhone is a revolutionary product that has devolved almost all of the progress made in cracking–wait for it–AT&T’s monopoly in the ’70s and ’80s. We broke up the Bell Phone only to have it put back together by the iPhone. Telecommunications choice is gone for Apple users. If you buy an Apple and want to have a seamless experience with your iPhone, you must get in bed with AT&T, and as we like to say in the technology space, “AT&T is the suck.”

Simple solution and opportunity: Not only let the iPhone work on any carrier, but put *two* SIM card slots on the iPhone and let users set which applications use which services. (Your phone could be Verizon and your browser Sprint!) Imagine having two SIM cards with 3G that were able to bond together to perform super fast uploads and downloads to YouTube.